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Comenius - the ideal European library
Dear Comenius partners,
We have succeeded in establishing a selection of 18 books which we love most from a list of about 30 books.
We have listed the books according to their popularity.
None of the books belongs to a collection, therefore we don't fulfil this section The books written by Erich Kästner have been translated into almost 35 languages. So it should be possible to that almost every child in the world has the chance to read books by Kästner.
Only two of the books have been but this was done by the publishing company without indicating the languages.
At the moment we are reading books from Denmark which were translated into German and books from Austria which were written in German.
All the bookworms of now grade 7 send there regards.
Very soon we will introduce new bookworms to you.



verantw.: J. Frank